May 06, 2024

Navigating Manifest V3: Hola VPN’s Adaptation and Evolution

Hola Writer

In the ever-evolving landscape of browser extensions, Manifest V3 emerged in 2019, promising enhanced user privacy, security, and performance across all extensions supported by chromium-based browsers. Its implementation journey took some time but it’s now happening and at Hola, we’re actually pretty excited about it. Manifest V3 is rolling out in June 2024, affecting all extensions across Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

For us at Hola VPN, this posed a little challenge, but hey, we like a challenge. The new restrictions impacted features like our unique split-tunnel technology and per-tab unblocking. Yet, with precision, dedication and diligence, we’ve adapted and evolved to ensure our Chrome (version 1.XXX.XXX) and Edge (version 1.XXX.YYY) extensions maintain their smooth functionality while upholding the highest privacy and security standards required by Manifest V3.

Rest assured, we remain committed to providing a seamless browsing experience and Access to the Borderless Internet. However, should you require any assistance with the new versions, feel free to reach out to us at We're always here to assist you and the Hola community.

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