Mar 21, 2022

The Internet should be viewed as a country

Avi Raz Cohen, CEO, Hola

Travel. Something we loved as kids. Something we plan as adults - and hopefully still manage to enjoy. Whether for business or pleasure, being able to get online, find the best deals on flights, hotels and entertainment still carries with it a measure of happiness.

Now here’s the rub, the internet as we know it today is full of borders and roadblocks. It’s the metaphorical equivalent of unconsciously having to go to the embassy of the country you want to visit, applying for an entry visa (which costs you money) and basically taking whatever travel offer is put in front of you. Jumping through hoops is exhausting. Being sent from pillar to post. Especially when the goal posts are constantly being moved. Alright, that’s enough with the metaphors, but you get what I’m saying.

When the internet was born, it was created with the intention of democratizing access to knowledge, access to content. What many of us don’t realize is that it’s evolved into something which reduces that global view. While we may think that we are making informed decisions, ultimately, we are only being shown part of the picture - the picture only visible from where you are sitting.

At its inception, the internet could be seen as a “country” of sorts - one perfectly visible, perfectly accessible (without visa requirements, borders or roadblocks) to all - no matter where in the world you may find yourself. Personally, I can’t think of a single valid reason for this to have changed into what the World Wide Web has become today.

Why should you not get access to the best prices for hotel bookings? Somebody in Manila or Kuala Lumpur, when searching for a Junior Suite in a Paris Hotel, will get a much better deal than, say, somebody in New York or Cape Town being quoted for the exact same suite. 

Another example is streaming services - if you happen to be based out of Ankara or Buenos Aires, you’ll be charged far less than somebody based in Vancouver or Stockholm. See what I’m getting at?

Where you are should not impact your view. Horizons must be broadened, not constricted. Having a broader view allows for better and clearer understanding of the landscape and what it consists of, for better decision making and ultimately - the right choices for you and your loved ones.

At Hola, our mission is to break down these borders, run these roadblocks, and do away with these so-called entry visas to access content. We believe in the internet’s original intent - to democratize knowledge and access, to ultimately enrich and better people’s lives with the content they want. When they want it. What’s more, is that we do it for free!

Welcome to the Republic of Hola, no need to go through passport control - we hope you enjoy your stay - please let us know if you need anything at all. We’re here to help.

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