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About us

We are building a peer-to-peer overlay network, bound to make the internet less centralized, more open, and, in one word - better. Our services, used by 60 million people, include a free VPN service, a business intelligence network, and a content delivery network for video (CDN), aimed at making video distribution faster and cheaper.

Global approach

We believe that the finest products are developed by small teams of great programmers. We are a small group of developers and we are interested in finding the best professionals in the world to join our team and develop the new generation of the internet.

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Bring us a top developer and win $7000

Star employees are hard to find, that’s why we need your help to find the best software developers around the world.

Hola is offering a prize to whoever helps us find a new star developer. If your recommended developer ultimately joins Hola permanently you will receive your $7,000 reward.

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R&D open positions

Send us your resume to


All software developers are invited to apply!
We code in JavaScript but are looking for talented individuals no matter what their discipline is, so if you have the ability to learn, we will train you to be a world class developer. The work will be done remotely, together with our R&D team.

We code in native JavaScript:

  • Front-end: HTML, LESS/CSS, Angular.js, Bootstrap, React
  • Back-end: Node.js, MongoDB, Express

Special Benefits

Best Compensation Package

Enjoy one the most competitive compensation packages available in your country

In-House Chef

Eat every day fresh, healthy meals prepared by our in-house chef

Gear Provided

Anything you need to succeed in your work, we’ll provide

Full Administration Services

Our administrative team will make your experience unforgettable

Best Team Ever

Enjoy the opportunity of working with an A-level team

Dog sitter

we have a dog sitter for your dog, feel free to bring it over

Hola's DNA

Our DNA is our shared memory for how to do things right

Learn more about hola DNA


We communicate with clarity, and transfer information smoothly and precisely


The more responsive interactions in the company, the faster our products will evolve and improve


We split large tasks into small tasks to give immediate value and allow for incremental improvements

Action Oriented

Hola'ers are doers, not talkers. Just articulating that a problem exists does not bring value - solving the problem does!

Individual Contributor

Those with the largest impact are those who complete tasks on their own, from start to finish.

Effective and Productive

We are able to bring about a desired result at the right time with great value and ultimately accomplish great work.

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